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Data & Statistics

3,666 Delawareans living with HIV in 2022

* "Living" data includes anyone living in Delaware with HIV regardless of current stage.

Approximately 24% of HIV diagnosed persons living in Delaware were initially diagnosed
in another state and moved to Delaware after diagnoses.

Note: A clients original HIV disease diagnosis date is based on the first known date of
HIV infection regardless of which HIV stage that person was in at that time.

Diagnosis by Gender

Diagnosis by Demographic

* Other includes Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaskan Native or Multi-racial.

Mode of Exposure

* Pediatric cases are individuals <13 years of age.

New Infection Rate Over Time

New Infection = Year in which HIV infection was first diagnosed

Current Prevalence Rate (per 100,000) 373.7

Top HIV Exposure Risk Groups for 2022 Thus Far

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